The Ballad of Roxana

Words and music by Kevin Hutchings

Inspired by Daniel Defoe’s novel Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress (1724)


  • Kevin Hutchings: vocals
  • Al Cross: drums
  • Jason Fowler: guitar, charango
  • George Koller: double bass
  • John Showman: violin


Roxana was a lady oh
Forsaken by a fool a long, long time ago
Left to bitter poverty, but oh she was a beauty.
She caught the eye of a wealthy man,
He poured his gold into her hand;
She sold her body and some would say her soul,
Roxana was a lady oh.

Oh Roxana, all the men cried
When you dance you stir my soul
Oh Roxana, if you’ll be mine,
I will give you all my gold.

In search of mirth they left London town,
Went to Paris, never settled down
A life of lust and lovely luxury
He spared no expense, the lady wasn’t free.
They found his body where he died
At the hands of hired highwaymen who would not spare his life.
He left her rich in soft forbidden charms,
He left her lying in a prince’s arms. (Chorus)

Roxana never did look back,
She tried hard not to think about the love that she did lack.
Amid the celebration yet alone, she had a little daughter she could not even own.
Although she won the passion of a king, Roxana never could be satisfied,
’Cause all the riches any man could bring, would never ease the pain she felt inside.

(Chrous 2X)

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